Breast Feeding Vs. Bottle-Feeding? Which Is Best?

Breast Feeding Vs. Bottle-Feeding? Which Is Best?
One of the biggest questions in the minds of many mothers is whether to breastfeed or bottle-feed their babies. Sometimes back, this matter was one of the things that a newborn care specialist and Doulas would advise about. However, things have changed, and most mothers are left to decide on what type of feeding method they will introduce their young ones to. There are pros and cons associated with both feeding methods that you might not be well versed with. Therefore, this guide will give you details on the importance of breastfeeding as well as bottle-feeding for you to select the one suitable for you.

Pros of Breast Feeding :

Here are some of the benefits you get from breast feeding your child.

Protection from Illness:
Hiring a doula can help you figure out what feeding path to try with once your baby is born. Many newborn care specialist and Postpartum Doula’s are skilled and certified in Lactation Consulting and can be hired to support and guide you as you learn to breastfeed.  Additionally, babies who depend on breast milk in the first days of life have a higher chance of surviving longer with minimum risks of dying between their first 28 days and one year.

More Nutritious:

Mother’s milk contains essential nutrients that are more nutritious for the baby this is something you will learn from Doula Care. The breast milk is formulated from the food the mother eats on a daily basis. Therefore, the baby will get different nutritious tastes every day. This is something that you cannot get with the baby formula. These nutrients are some of the things that make breastfeeding best.

Protection from Allergies:

Another important benefit of breastfeeding is that it prevents your baby from developing allergic reactions to certain foods. If a newborn gets exposed to food early, there are higher chances that they will develop allergies. On the other hand, breastfeeding will help your newborn avoid developing allergies even after introducing them to the food. This is because your infant will be exposed to the food that you eat, which is later secreted in breast milk. Additionally, breast milk prevents allergy development by boosting baby’s immune system.

Easier For Baby to Digest:

Babies have a weak digestive system. Therefore, they require food that is easy to digest as they feed. Breast milk contains enzymes that make it easy for the baby to digest compared to cow milk or formula.

It’s Cheaper:

Breast milk will only require the mother to feed on healthy meals. You don’t have to buy anything else to make the milk sweet or nutritious… Once a mother has eaten to her fill, the milk will automatically form, and the baby will always have something to feed on.