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Postpartum Doula

So you’ve brought home your new baby. Congratulations! Now is when hiring one of our postpartum doulas can put your mind at ease as you settle in at home as a family. Hiring our postpartum doulas as early as the first 6 weeks home from the hospital and up to the first ¬†3 months will help your entire family adjust to life with your new baby. Hiring our postpartum doulas to care for you and your baby can help to decrease postpartum depression. Our postpartum doulas assist with all infant care, light home care, sibling care, light meal prep, and care for the new parents. Postpartum doulas can also come to the hospital to add an additional support to your new family. The wonderful part of hiring one of our postpartum doulas is that you get to custom select the amount of hours your family needs. We can provide our quality service 7 days a week, or as little as 1 day a week. We can stay with your family for 1 week or up to 12 weeks, it’s up to you! Price ranges for our postpartum doulas start at $35.00 an hour up to $50.00 an hour depending on your needs and the experience required to care for your family. Multiples, preemies and special medical care can be higher. Labor & Lullabies takes pride in the ¬†experience, professional quality and education level of our postpartum doulas. This service is the most appreciated gift that you can give a mom to be! Let us send you out a gift certificate for one of our postpartum doulas today!


Birth Doula

Giving birth and how you choose to do it is a personal choice. Our birth doulas are available to help support and guide you through your labor journey however it is you choose to deliver your baby. You and your partner will be guided through your entire birth process with all the support, encouragement and reliability you both need. Labor & Lullabies is here to help you make that very important choice! Gift Certificates are available for this service!