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Overnight Newborn Care

Overnight Newborn Care is one of Labor & Lullabies specialty services. You can choose from a nighttime nanny, postpartum doula, baby nurse, or newborn care specialist to assist your family through the night hours with a new baby at home.
Between the hours of 9:00 pm and 9:30 pm, one of our professionally trained “Swaddlers” will arrive at your house. The “Swaddlers” responsibilities will include, bathing, changing, feeding, burping and successfully putting baby back to sleep. It is Labor & Lullabies goal to educate families and implement a  healthy sleep routine and pattern for your baby.  We invest in YOUR rest!   Depending on your “Swaddler”, rates begin between $25.00  and $40.00 an hour with a minimum of  8 hours of care. Holiday rates may increase.
Hiring us in your last trimester or after your baby has arrived is perfect! It is never too late to bring us on board! We are always ready to serve and swaddle. Gift Certificates are available for this popular and most appreciated service!

Daytime Care

Each family is unique and has different at home needs. At Labor & Lullabies you have the flexibility and convenience of choosing and creating the times, days and amount of hours you need our professional services. Whether it be day time care, overnight care, or a combination of both, our certified professionals are here to accommodate you. Serving you and your family with the utmost tender care is what makes Labor & Lullabies Maryland’s best baby care choice!

24/7 Newborn Care

Our 24 hour newborn care provides support, rest and education to parents during the first weeks of your babies life. Our 24 hour newborn care providers are by your babies side throughout the day and the night. This ensures a sense of relief to families who need a good nights sleep. This service is especially beneficial for families of preemies, multiples or older siblings already at home.