Meet Our Swaddlers

Lisa Louden
Postpartum Doula
Newborn Care Specialist
Lactation Consultant
Sleep Trainer
Skin to Skin Therapy
Serving Maryland, Pennsylvania
Specializes in: Multiples, Preemies, Sleep Training, Infant Massage & Postpartum Aromatherapy

At a very young age, I took a true love and passion in caring for babies and beauty. I was so fascinated with the growth and development of pregnancy, birth, and infancy. Being a seasoned mother of four I feel confident that continuing my passion for newborns and their families is exactly what my purpose and calling is. Totaling over 30 years experience as a certified licensed aesthetician, massage therapist, postpartum doula, newborn care specialist and professional nanny. As the owner and president of Labor and Lullabies, I take pride in caring for my clients. I allow my families to rest, recover and heal from childbirth. Before leaving a family I make sure that both mom and dad feel rested, healed and confident in their new role as parents. Families come in many variations. Supporting adoption, surrogacy, same-sex parents, foster babies and unique blended families give me true joy and allow me the opportunity to make a wonderful difference in the world of these families. I look so forward to supporting you and your family at this delicate time in your life.

Cindy Neuman
Postpartum Doula
Newborn Care Specialist
Parent Educator
Early Childhood Education Specialist
Skin to Skin Therapy
Serving Florida and Maryland

Specializes in: Infant Massage, Happiest Baby on the Block, Infant Care Troubleshooting/Education

Cindy Neuman has worked with parents and children for over 35 years. She graduated from Tufts University with an Early Childhood degree and has worked in the intervening years as a preschool teacher, Childcare Center Director, Parent/Infant Instructor, certified instructor of Infant Massage and Happiest Baby on the Block, Teacher Trainer and Postpartum Doula. She won a Teacher of the Year Award at the JCC where she has worked with parents and newborns for the past 25 years at which time she was named “The Baby Whisperer”. Cindy looks forward to working with you to welcome your new baby and to support you on your journey as a family.

Lisa Libowitz
Serving Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania
Certified Labor & Delivery Doula
Family Story Journals
Skin to Skin Therapy
Bereavement Doula

My life as a writer and storyteller gives me a unique perspective on being a labor and delivery doula—I want every birth story to be a happy one. I fell in love with the doula experience with my own pregnancies, when I learned first-hand what a difference having a doula could make during labor and delivery. As a mother of three daughters—two of them twins—I know every mother has a unique vision of birth, and I’m here to support you in having the birth you want. I have experience with un-medicated birth, cesarean birth, water birth and more. Let me be a part of a story you will tell for the rest of your life.

Jennifer Harris 
Sleep Trainer
Newborn Care Specialist

My love for babies came at a very young age. My mother would always tell me I had a baby doll in my arms as soon as I could crawl. I’ve surrounded myself with babies my entire life and I knew my career would be something baby related. I am a mother of 2 amazing kids , a certified Newborn Care Specialist specializing in sleep training, caring for preemies, micro preemies and multiples. Not everyone has the honor and privilege to do something they love so much, & to feel as though they’ve truly helped someone in the process. My goal for each family I help is to make sure their little one has the best start in life, and I truly believe that starts with healthy sleep habits! I’ll be there every step of the way, to guide you and support you through the sleep training process. I look forward to working with you!

Odile Penet
Placenta Encapsulation
Childbirth Educator

Odile Penet is a certified birth doula (DONA International), a postpartum doula and newborn specialist (IFSI, France), a certified childbirth educator (Lamaze International), and a placenta encapsulation specialist (PBi).

She has been serving families for the last 19 years (more than 500 families) and she has experience with prenatal support, birth, and postpartum care. She supports natural, medicated, high-risk, water birth, cesarean births, multiples and VBAC births and families. She is certified in France and in the United States.  In addition, she is certified in early childhood education, a certified medical translator (Johns Hopkins Hospital).  She is also a certified Sophrologist (mindfulness and well-being program) and a hypnosis specialist (Mind+Body Birth). On a personal note, she is the mother of two young adults. She is a French native speaker and can provide her services in English and in French. In addition, some of her favorite hobbies include reading, travelling, swimming, practicing yoga, and petting her cats.

Kathleen Braun Butler
Advanced Newborn Care Specialist
Postpartum Doula
Lactation Specialist
Sleep Trainer

I have always loved and been drawn to new babies. After becoming a parent to four wonderful sons, I saw the tremendous need for postpartum support. My goal is to serve as an extension of a parents loving care, while also acting as an expert resource for any questions or concerns parents may have. That way, they are able to focus on getting much needed rest and recovery, settling in to their newly expanded family and simply enjoying their new baby (or babies)!
As a Master Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Counselor and Integrative Sleep Coach, it has been my honor and privilege to serve new families. I strive to provide the highest level of evidence-based care while being flexible and adaptable to each individual families unique standards and practices. I pride myself on providing completely non-judgmental care to all families, particularly those of diverse backgrounds, including single-parent households, LGBTQIA+ families, adoption and surrogacy. I’m looking forward to helping to support and empower you as you begin your journey into parenthood!
Courtney Miller
Prenatal and Postpartum Wellness Specialist
Includes: Reflexology, Pressure Points, Aromatherapy, Yoga & Meditation
Multiple Birth EducatorAs a mom to 4 teenagers, 3 of which are triplets, I learned quickly how to care for our 4 babies under 16 months old. With the help of a Postpartum doula I was able to navigate the first few weeks after birth with grace and ease. As a result of this positive experience, I’ve always wanted to give back and help mom’s specifically those with multiples master life after bringing their babies home.
Most important however, is the prenatal time. I enjoy helping moms reduce stress through guided meditation, prenatal yoga stretches, aromatherapy and pressure point therapy on the ears, hands, feet, neck and shoulders.
When it’s time for birth, if moms are interested in natural labor induction,
I assist with yoga postures and pressure point therapy techniques to stimulate labor. I also include the spouse when available and teach them how to assist mom along with their doula,when in active labor making the birth experience as easy & stress free as possible.
All of the labor pain reducing techniques I teach you will carry you through future pregnancies & honestly the rest of your life.  I look forward to helping you create a peaceful environment before & after baby/babies arrive!


I have wanted to be a midwife ever since I was 12 years old, when I read a book about midwives. I started out Pre-Med at Boston University to become an obstetrician. I interned in a doctor’s office and wasn’t happy with the way patients were cared for so switched my track to Nursing. I received my Bachelors in Nursing at Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. I was a birth doula through the Johns Hopkins’ Birth Companions program while in school. I worked as a labor and delivery nurse for 4 years while earning my Masters in Nursing at University of Maryland, specializing in Nurse-Midwifery. I’ve been a Certified Nurse Midwife since 2007, first working in a hospital-based midwifery practice. In 2016 I opened my own solo homebirth midwifery practice while maintaining privileges at University of Maryland St. Josephs Medical Center in Towson in order to offer hospital births and streamline transfers. I have 3 children and 3 different birth experiences – my first was with an epidural and pitocin, my second was a water birth in a hospital, and my 3rd was a water birth at home.

My philosophy is very hands off and client centered. I offer standard care and testing and help clients become informed in order to choose the type of care that is best for them and their families. My goal is for you to feel empowered about your care and decisions. I am here to facilitate the process and keep it safe. I offer hour long appointments, no waiting time, and very personalized care. I maintain a low volume practice so I am able to provide this quality of care.

In addition to attending births,  I also offer regular well woman gynecological care and contraception, including IUD and Nexplanon placements.

Baby Wearing Specialist

Hi! I’m Alex, a BABY WEARING Educator and I have been baby wearing for about 9 years now. I started with a Moby wrap when I was a nanny, because I had a back injury and couldn’t carry the infant car-seat. I then greatly expanded my baby wearing repertoire when my son was born 4 years ago.  Baby wearing became a passion for me because it helped me bond with my son and it made my life so much easier in general. I quickly found that I could shop, cook, work, or do almost anything and he would be content and safe snuggled up to me in the carrier, wrap, or ring sling. Plus, who doesn’t love baby snuggles?! Over the past several years I have purchased more baby carriers than I care to admit and have helped several friends and family members in their baby wearing journeys. Baby wearing is a unique experience for each parent and child and there is no one size fits all option; so I am always learning and growing in my experience with baby wearing and am excited to help others hold their babies close with the tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. I look forward to teaching you how to safely and properly wear your baby/babies too!