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Alternative Birth Options and Health Insurance Coverage

*This article was originally published on QuoteWizard and was written by Bryan Ochalla.   Although most women in the U.S. deliver babies in a hospital, that’s far from their only option these days. They don’t have to rely on doctors or obstetricians either. Doulas and midwives are increasingly common, as are birthing centers as well […]

Beat the Heat for Babies and Pregnant Moms

Summer heat can be especially uncomfortable and dangerous for pregnant women and babies. However, there are some tips that can make it more bearable and safer. Beating the Heat During Your Pregnancy When you are pregnant, your body temperature is already slightly elevated, and you are more heat intolerant than normal. So, if possible, stay […]

Going on vacation with your baby? Be sure you are properly prepared!

Many parents give up taking a vacation, but, with some planning, that’s not necessary. You should wait until your infant is three months old, that is when your child’s immune system is more developed. The feedings and diaper changes during the first three months are also exhausting and would make traveling less enjoyable. Between three […]

Why hiring a postpartum doula makes sense

  Labor & Lullabies Provides Essential Emotional Support After undergoing labor and delivery of a new infant, you probably think that your happiest days and nights are in the future. However, many women experience postpartum depression that can last a few weeks or months, making it difficult to care for a newborn. While you are […]