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“Lisa is phenomenal. She is someone our family would recommend to any parent needing support with a first child, or a family. She is knowledgeable, provided wonderful suggestions, and really made our family feel at ease. Lisa felt like part of our family and our infant daughter loved her.” -Kathy M, Timonium MD

“We call Lisa the baby whisper. She is one of the few people we have entrusted to care for our children. She is very knowledgeable with all things baby and has given us great advice and tools to care for our girls. For example, our second child had severe reflux and episodes of Sandifer Syndrome. Lisa gave us great suggestions of positions to breast/bottle feed, sleep, burp, and hold our little girl to help alleviate the reflux episodes. Also, we asked Lisa if she could help in getting our baby to use a pacifier, because she wouldn’t take one and mom (me) needed a break in between breastfeeding (baby was using Mom as pacifier). Lisa got her to take the pacifier in the first hour! We were so grateful! Those are just a couple examples of the great care Lisa provides. We plan on continuing to hire Lisa, and we highly recommend her.” -Lindsey V, Towson MD
“Lisa is amazing! We hired her to help out with my then 4 month old. She had severe reflux and was miserable since birth so I was mentally and emotionally exhausted, while also caring for my toddler. Having Lisa there was like having access to the baby whisperer 24/7. She helped out 3 mornings a week, but was available almost all the time for my questions or concerns, especially when it came to sleep training. She was able to use gentle methods to get my daughter sleeping through the night and taking good naps, which also helped improve her mood. While the baby was napping, she washed dishes, folded laundry and tidied up the entire house. The love and care she gave my kids was remarkable. My baby’s eyes lit up every time she heard her voice and my toddler excitedly yelled her name when he saw her car. She was an absolute godsend for us!” -Laura C, Phoenix MD
“Having Lisa come and help last night was a true blessing and a gift. As soon as she arrived she started helping and made herself comfortable in our home, you would have thought she had been here 100 times. It was awesome and amazing to get a full nights rest after the hard recovery I had. Waking up to a clean house and a very happy baby was just perfect! Lisa has a gift that is unlike any other. Thank you so much for everything” -Adina, Owings Mills MD
“Lisa has been wonderful to my 11 months old twin boys since they were 4 months old. When I met Lisa, my babies were taking their naps in their rock and play while rocking, they didn’t take more than 20 min naps in their cribs. Lisa guided my family and sleep trained my babies, she was very patient. Just within a couple of weeks, my babies started taking hour naps in their cribs. She gave me resources to follow in order to train my babies to sleep through the night. Since then they have been in set schedule, with solid naps and night sleep. She is a loving, caring and supportive person. As a working mom, one of the hardest things is finding someone who you can trust with your babies, thankfully we came across Lisa, and my husband and I trust her with our babies 100%. She is all about safety, love, attention and hygiene, gives me great advice every day and my babies adore Miss Lisa” -Goksen B, Baltimore MD

“My wife and I recently had a baby. We were so stressed out and were operating on very little sleep. Labor & Lullabies came to the rescue! My wife and I were able to get a good nights sleep. Thank you.” -Justin M, Hunt Valley MD

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Lisa! I hired Lisa to help with a newborn overnight, and me and my family got so much more. Yes, Lisa was phenomenal with our newborn- gave us complete confidence with her care and took care of the baby in between nursing sessions so I could get some sleep. But she also took excellent care of our entire family by providing support to myself, my toddler, and even hubby (physically and mentally). It was like being pampered postpartum, and most importantly, feeling supported along the way. She made sure to take care of my health and make sure I was taking care of myself too, and supported me through breastfeeding in those early challenging weeks. Being a very private person, I was initially hesitant about bringing a stranger into our home at such an intimate time- but boy am I glad I got over that! Our family gained a real friend and wish everyone could be lucky enough to have Lisa help them.” -Melissa S, Pikesville MD

Just amazing…. is all I can say … I have triplets, now 9 weeks old and I wish I found Lisa from when kids were in NICU and coming home.. she is truly the baby whisperer.. I’ve learned so much from her on how to make my kids life peaceful as they transitioned home and grow and develop and make my life more calm. Lisa is amazing, professional and full of resource. clearly Loves what she does.. I would hire again and will hire her again. ​
-Barkue T, Baltimore​ MD

Hi Lisa,
Cindy was great!  I had no idea what to expect and was very happy with her help and advice and felt very supported. I would definitely use her again!
-Andra, Edgewater MD

If you are considering using Labor and Lullabies, the answer is YES!!!! We were going back and forth about using them shortly after the birth of our twins ad eventually decided to call and set up a night or two just to try it out. When I tell you this was the best decision we made during those first few weeks, I MEAN IT!! Lisa made us (Mom, Dad and the twins!!) feel so comfortable and relaxed from the moment she entered our home. She has a natural ability to take control and help out without needing much direction. The babies adored her and we didn’t think twice saying goodnight and closing our door to leave them in Lisa’s care for the night. She got them to sleep, bathed them, organized their nursery, did their laundry, made their bottles and tidied up around the house. Having Lisa made such a difference in our mentality and happiness – it’s crazy what some solid sleep can do!! She also supported my pumping process and brought me water to stay hydrated! We would have kept her forever if we could have. If you’re looking for five star service for
You and your family, Labor and Lullabies is for you!
-Catherine, Lutherville MD

“Our experience with Labor & Lullabies was life-changing. Our 4-month-old was very cranky during the day, not taking the bottle well, napping for no more than 30 minutes at a time, and waking multiple times at night. Advice we read online and heard from friends and family was all over the place and often conflicting. This is probably because all babies are different.

Kathleen was amazing and really took the time to listen to our concerns and had many questions specific to our child. Once she figured out what our child’s needs were, she came up with a plan tailored to our child. While it can be concerning to have someone you’ve just met sleep in your house taking care of your child, Kathleen set our concerns to ease the moment she set foot inside our home. She drew up the initial plan and gave us an hour by hour schedule of what our child’s days should look like (this of course was tweaked over the 5 days to match our kid’s needs).

Ultimately, after just a few days, our baby started sleeping through the night in his own room. Since then, daytime naps have been falling into place as well, extending from 30 minutes to 90 minutes. He takes the bottle like a champ now. He is a much happier baby, smiling with ease and enjoying his playtime. Parents are happier, mom has her sanity back, dad can do work at night in the bedroom. While the price tag can be intimidating, this has been one of the best investments we’ve made into our child and has been worth every penny.”
-Lois, Lutherville MD