While bringing your baby into the world can be a magical time, it can also be uncertain. Hiring unbiased support can help restore peace.

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Birth support has been around as long as birth itself. For generations, birthing individuals have been aided by the helpful and experienced hands of mothers, sisters, and friends. Labor and Birth Doulas now step into that role, offering a comforting and steadfast voice during a hospital or birth center birth. As unbiased support, we work together with your provider and medical staff to help you and your chosen birth partner create an empowered and informed birthing experience. It's important to us that your whole team feels the unwavering support we bring to the birth space.

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Our Labor & Birth Doulas aren't just anyone. They're Labor & Lullabies approved!

Waves of emotions can change quickly during birth. Imagine your doula as a guide, helping you and your birth partner manage and cope as things ebb and flow. With relaxation techniques and a calm, steady voice, your doula will hold space for the shifts of birth.

We create a team between you, your partner, and your doula. This means we're never going to be a replacement but we are an enhancement. We help partners know where to apply pressure, when to offer a drink, and how to be the best birth support for you.

Our Birth Doulas are trained and skilled at aiding in physical comfort for any birthing person, no matter their goals. All birth comes with its own set of challenges and discomforts and we are experienced in everything from counter pressure to position changes.




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