Bringing together the best of holistic wisdom and science, this remedy can help you ease into a more peaceful postpartum.

placenta encapsulation

The time after baby is born can be both peaceful and unsure. For those concerned about creating their best experience, looking to alternative methods of support is common. In recent years, the practice of Placenta Encapsulation has become more mainstream as reports spill in about the wonderful benefits. If you're looking for the highest safety standards and best possible experience, look no further than our Postpartum Placenta Specialists.

why encapsulation?

Timeless remedies for modern parenthood: Placenta Encapsulation can restore balance.

Anecdotal benefits include:
• Decreased mood swings
• Increased high quality breast milk supply
• Decrease in hormone fluctuations
• Easier healing period
• Lesser occurrence of Postpartum Depression

services start at $375.00

Encapsulating the Placenta has many reported anecdotal benefits. The science behind it is new and emerging. Studies into properly encapsulated Placentas have shown levels of iron and certain hormones, explaining the effects and reduction in the occurrence of Postpartum Depression. The same studies have show no harmful levels of anything, proving it to be a safe practice!

the safety

benefits of placenta encapsulation

With roots all over the world, this ancient practice has been modernized and made safe through science and research. Labor & Lullabies offers this service through our skilled, trained, and professional Postpartum Placenta Encapsulators.

Using a mix of traditional techniques blended with modern standards, we are able to help newly postpartum families ease into parenthood with support.

the history

Create a peaceful postpartum.

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