Your health is necessary for your family to function! Labor & Lullabies brings together many services that support you before and after birth.


Prenatal Massage is often said to be one of the best ways to relax while carrying a baby. The combination of an expanding belly and changes in your body can leave you feeling uncomfortable and generally tight. Lie back and let our Prenatal Massage Therapist help loosen up and work on any pain you may be feeling. In addition to their expertise, they harness the power of touch to allow the flow of Oxytocin and relax your whole body. Lean back into wellness, comfort, and peace designed just for you.

prenatal massage

Relief and relaxation created specifically for pregnancy.

services start at $150/hour

Our hands can be our most powerful tools to soothe and help our babies. Skin-on-skin contact releases the hormone Oxytocin, the one we call the Love Hormone! This helps to relax your baby and keep them comfortable and happy. Our Infant Massage Therapist is trained and certified to show you techniques you can use at home during bedtime routine or any time! This is an excellent way for both parents to connect to their baby.

infant massage

Learn how to soothe and connect with your baby through the power of touch.

services start at $150

Reflexology is a highly specialized type of massage that focuses on helping your body heal by applying pressure to different parts of the body including the hands, feet, and ears. People see benefits ranging from elevated mood and decreased pain to boosting fertility and correcting hormonal imbalances. Effective enough for mom, gentle enough for baby, our Reflexologist is trained to help both you and your baby be comfortable and supported throughout your pregnancy and parenting experience.


Gentle, effective, specialized massage for you and your baby.

services start at $150/hr

Wanting to do things yourself is incredibly common during this time in your life but accepting help is priceless. We provide the help and guidance that every family needs.
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The support of family members and friends is an incredible way to make sure that you are able to navigate pregnancy and parenthood with ease. We have the perfect way your friends and family can support you.
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In order to be fully well, we must have the essentials. One of these is sleep. Ensuring you and your family get enough sleep is incredibly important! That's why Labor & Lullabies offers solutions to get your family more sleep.
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