Sleep is essential to parents. Without it they cannot function! Our Swaddlers are trained and skilled to get you the rest you need.

overnight newborn care

Studies have shown that new parents lose an average of two hours of sleep per night until their babies are 5 months old! After that it decreases to one hour per night until they are 2 years old. For families this can mean decreased response times, overall tiredness, and decreased performance at work. Combat this with help from our Swaddlers. We can help you restore that sleep deficit and wake feeling refreshed, energized, and ready to conquer the day. Don't live life exhausted. Sleep soundly just like your little ones knowing you're in expert hands.

sweet sleep for everyone

Overnight Newborn Care has a positive effect on the whole family!

services start at $45/hour

Once your baby is ready we can bring in one of our Professional Sleep Trainers to create a customized sleep plan and help you implement it. Our goal is to get your baby sleeping through the night quickly and simply.

overnight newborn care

sleep conditioning and training

sleep is vital

You do not have to suffer. Your family can get the sleep they need!

Beginning the moment you come home your family can experience rest overnight. Bringing in one of our professional, experienced Swaddlers can ensure that your baby is taken care of with the most tender care while you sleep and recover from birth.

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